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ludwig mies van der rohe - large portrait


german-american architect, born in aachen germany 1886. he was the last director of the bauhaus before closing in 1933 by national socialist regime, aka nazi; he immigrated in 1937, settling in chicago, appointed head of the illinois Institute of technology, where he designed all the buildings of the campus. 1944, he became american citizen. his design philosophy is often referred to as the 'international style' and it has had the most influence on american architecture of anyone. the seagram tower in new york 1958 is one of his many prime works. together with frank lloyd wright, alvar aalto and le courbusier, he is considered the founder of modern architecture. died 1969 chicago illinois, age 83.

black conté pencil drawing
large 600dpi image 
up to 36x48 inch (92x122 cm)
suitable for painting size reproduction

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