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kate & spencer - large portrait


katherine hepburn: american actress of film, stage and television, and leading lady in hollywood for sixty years. known for her independence and spirited personality, she was also business savvy buying the rights to several productions such as 'the philadelphia story'. 'the african queen', 'woman of the year' and 40 other feature films, 8 television movies, and 33 plays spanned her 66 year career from the early 1920s. she successfully kept hidden a quarter century romance with spencer tracy. she has the record of four academy awards for best actress. 1907-2003 connecticut.

tracy spencer: american film actor, a major star of hollywood's golden age 30s & 40s in his 37 year career. he appeared in 75 films and his last films were for director stanley kramer. the american film institute ranks him one of ten top hollywood legends. born in milwaukee wisconsin in 1900, he had a 54 year marriage, and a 25 year relationship with katherine hepburn. 1967.

black conté pencil drawing
large 600dpi image 
up to 36x48 inch (92x122 cm)
suitable for painting size reproduction

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