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yamasaki & twin towers


the two towers, aka world trade center, opened in 1973, were the world's tallest buildings, surpassing empire state building which held the reign for 40 years. commercially, it was very successful and very innovative engineering-wise. 50,000 people worked in the buildings, and another 200,000 passed through, on a daily basis. the towers were destroyed by terrorist attack on september 11th 2001, in which 5,000 people died. american-born second generation japanese architect designed the twin towers; he was born in seattle washington state in 1912, and died in 1986 of stomach cancer, age 73.

black conté pencil drawing 
20x27 inch (51x69 cm) approx.
oak frame - top & bottom only
metal frame - top & bottom only
art canvas giclée print series

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these black conté pencil drawings are printed with high quality durable inks on long lasting heavy off ­white art­ canvas (vinyl coated textured canvas). it needs no protection from dust and light being wipe able. direct sunshine is not recommended.

the drawing is 20x27 inch (51x69 cm) approx when in vertical orientation. it is framed top and bottom only with 3/4 x 1/4 inch (20x7 mm) oak strip. the drawing weighs under 16 oz (450 grms) and is hung with a nylon cord.