audio journals by jan gero

2 plus hours audio
(3 to 6 journals each)
$10 download

the audioJournal is the speaking form of my personal history that previously were my textJournals i wrote for fifty years. instead of handwriting, then typewriter, and finally computer, i now get myself into a private place to connect with myself and speak into an audio-recorder.

i do this several times monthly. i upload the audio file into an editing program, listen to it entirely, make notes, search for the best expressed thought & feeling. four to eight hours of edit work result in one of my several monthly audioJournals.

2 plus hours audio
(some noisy background)
$10 download

the therapyJournal is the audio recording of therapeutic sessions. i have recordings from two different therapy methods. one is the typical fifty minute session, sitting, self-searching exchange with therapist.

from 1998 i offer five sessions in two download files: $10 each.
1. session #1 & 2 
2. session #3, 4 & 5

from 2008 i offer 14 sessions of hypno-aromatherapy, one per week 55 minutes each with homework assignments betw sessions. essential oils are applied to chakras and mantras created for your home practice.

i offer the sessions in four download files of 3 hours each. $5 each.
1. session #1, 2, 3, 4, 5        
2. session #6, 7, 8
3. session #9, 10, 11            
4. session #12, 13, 14

2 plus hours audio
(15 to 20 dreams)
$10 download

the dreamJournal is the voice recording, usually right after exiting a dream experience, still lying in bed, eyes closed, telling the traces of the dream-story into an audio-recorder by my pillow.

i bring these audio recordings into an audio edit program remove some background noise, enhance my voice, export the ten or so best dreams of that month into mp3 files i'm offering here.

dreams are a significant doorway into my inner life. if i've done one thousand therapy sessions, and told five hundred dreams, i've had five hundred insights.

jan gero’s  the compulsive new yorker is an innovative form of digital video art that expresses both raw and cultured feelings – they are compelling reflections of the human condition in audio journal and video journal formats, confession cinema.
jan is often capable of deconstructing his troubled life to reveal an truthful grasp of inner and outer reality.  with intellectual rigor, he demands transparency of his motive and his action, an often a frustrating challenge.  his inward focused scrutiny can serve as a guide for what inner voices to listen to, for when these secret voices might best be accessed, and perhaps how to deal with them, once emerging.  some of the questions he attempts to answer are: where is the animal in me?  how can i coexist with another person?  how can i live knowing that the end is total extinction of my consciousness?