this website presents you with jan gero's collection of dynamic black line drawing aka affinity icon.  it also presents his digital audio art and video art in personal expressive confession cinema format.  these are the products of jan's fifty years of journal art.  he is a unique european-born artist, with strong backgrounds in artistic and intellectual development from his careers in architecture, modern dance, fashion design, filmmaking and book writing.


                                    jan gero reveals himself in his raw unanticipated state...


the conté drawing collection

the drawing image file is available for download @ 600dpi for full painting size reproduction  (up to 36x48 inch, 92x122 cm)  celebrity portraits, dance, erotica and architecture can be displayed wherever you might like to be reminded of that person or subject you find engaging.

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welcome to my website, an extensive collection of expressive conté pencil black line drawing aka affinity icon.  it includes portraits drawn of current and past dynamic leaders in politics, science, visual arts, film, music, theater, writers, etc.  my collection has also a variety of drawing subjects such as dance, erotica, architect.  hand-drawn art that is inspired reminder of the power of the human spirit, such as Woody Allen, Barack Obama, Deepak Chopra, Albert Einstein, Angela Merkel and 150 others. 
my drawings can be download to print and also ordered framed as detailed in the digiprint affinity icon section.

jan gero documents his intense life experience as a european-american new yorker in quest for self-discovery, romance and cultural connection.  as 'the compulsive new yorker' he expresses his eighty year-old hard-won grip on the human condition in an inner monologue, expertly edited, confession cinema style video journal and audio journal. 
in jan's two published books 'me on me' and 'more me on me', he more precisely crafts his words and deepens his insight into the dynamics of his secret deconstructing life.  the autobiographical stories therein are further enhanced with one thousand small drawings, many of which now constitute his large scale black line drawings, displayed in galleries, and sold to collectors. 
one of his films was licensed to WNET, Metro Arts and other PBS affiliates in 2003, his two autobiographical films aired 2007 on the MNN broadcast channel, and one of his short films was shown at the LI International Film Festivals 2010; jan publishes a weekly  'inward journey' vlog, a mix of poetry, drawing and video-art, sent to a thousand subscribers.  subscribe at